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Client & Collaborator Testimonials

Dr. Ernesto Andrade, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Columbia
Awarded the León Hernández prize for his abdominoplasty technique

I felt very comfortable working with Diana. Even with my limited English language skills (I am Spanish-speaking), every conversation was short and easy. Diana understands perfectly the surgical ideas and even improves their presentation with her own suggestions. I presented my work at the Colombian Plastic Surgery Society annual meeting in Cartagena, and my colleagues were impressed with the quality of the illustrations. I was awarded first place, and the article will be published in several worldwide journals. I feel that her professionalism and beautiful art were an important support to me; I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her.

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Brian A. Pollard, BSC, MD, MEd, FRCPC

Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Canada
Staff Anesthesiologist, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Diana has been a fantastic collaborator since 2008, from which time we have put together two academic medical texts reaching an international audience of 10,000’s of individuals. Diana has continued to demonstrate a vision, understanding, and context for her role as illustrator that is only paralleled by her artistic talent. With unsurpassed attention to detail, medical accuracy, and not the least of all exquisite overall composition, Diana is a truly gifted artist. When you are able to produce ‘coffee table’ grade books with medical subject matter, clearly the artist excels beyond the subject. For Diana’s vision, artistry, and professionalism, there is never another thought about who my illustrative collaborator shall be.

Dr. Kevin Jardine, DC, CSCS, CSTI, Med.Ac

President and CEO, Feeling Pretty Remarkable

Our experience working with Diana has been exceptional. Above and beyond her professional talents as a medical illustrator, Diana is pleasant, communicates very well and clearly follows direction while offering her insights to help improve any project we did with her. I would highly recommend her services to anyone and we will continue to be including her as a part of our team.

Stephen Mader, BSc, BScAAM, MScBMC, CMI, FAMI

President / Certified Medical Illustrator, Artery Studios Inc., Toronto, Canada

Diana was a valued employee of Artery Studios for almost four years. During that time, as member of our medical illustration team, she demonstrated: excellent problem-solving skills – both visually and intellectually; research acumen; continuous artistic growth; and a conscientious effort to always excel. She is the kind of person who provides intelligent analysis of problems and issues, astutely speaking up to push conversations forward. I highly recommend Diana for her terrific set of highly developed visualization and analytical skills.

Dino Pulera, BSc, MScBMC, CMI

Associate Art Director / Certified Medical Illustrator, Artery Studios Inc., Toronto, Canada

Diana’s delightful personality, keen attention to detail, beautiful sense of design and not to mention talented hand, makes her a highly sought-after biomedical communicator. Diana can take an assignment from concept to completion in a timely manner, using a wide variety of media and meeting her client’s needs all along giving them peace of mind throughout each project.